Fairy Maiden – Work in progress

I had this idea of doing a portrait of a Fairy Maiden. Like the portraits done by classic renaissance painters.

I started with some thumbnail drawings



I started the painting on 16×20 wood panel, using a color scheme of green, blue and purple. As you can see, details  have changed a bit from the initial sketches.



Eyes hold just as much expression as facial features. I always use a lot of detail when it comes to eyes and tend to make them big and luminous.


I’m not sure when I made the decision to keep her hair white. I kept the blue/gray shading more subtle to keep her hair soft looking.



This is about the half way mark. Next I’ll be working on her dress details and the jewel in her headband.

Halloween Painting

I’m working on a new painting for Halloween, inspired by the Pumpkin Queen painting I did a while back. This will be one of my larger paintings, a 15×30 canvas.

Here is the initial sketch. I paint directly on the canvas. Mostly it looks like a bunch of circles and squiggly lines. lol!



I paint over the unwanted lines, cleaning things up a bit, and add a little more detail before I start work on the background.



then I slowly work my way to the foreground.



I’m almost half way done with the painting now. I’ll probably take me a few more weeks to finish up as I tend to work on more than one painting at a time. 🙂